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Ben Melbourne

Build better products.

Solve customer problems. Grow your business.

Product leadership that improves your ability to define, align and execute on your product strategy.

Product strategy that delivers

Value driven product strategy

Navigate the uncertainty by being purpose-driven, customer-centric and outcome-focussed. Product strategy that is responsive and adaptable.

Align your strategy and execution

Coherence in your strategy stack is critical to delivering outcomes.

Connect the narrative all the way from your business strategy, OKRs, product strategy, roadmaps, and into delivery.

Solve the right customer problems

It’s easy to fall into the trap of making assumptions about customer needs. Fuelling customer-centricity requires ‘getting out the building’ and talking directly to customers.

Prioritisation from opportunity to outcome

Ideas are cheap. Building the wrong ones is expensive and wasteful. Opinions and gut feelings just don’t cut it as prioritisation tools. Build rigour into your prioritisation process with a laser-like focus on measurable outcomes.

Optimise your product operating model

High-performing delivery teams don’t just happen. Get your teams humming by enabling them with the right processes and ways of working to consistently deliver value.

I work with you, I don’t do it to you

I don’t believe in out-of-the-box, plug-and-play frameworks. Whilst learnings can be drawn from these, every organisation needs to find their own way. You need to build systems and processes that fit your needs - not just try to copy an operating model from the latest darling of Silicon Valley.

In whichever way works for you

Facilitation - I can guide your team through a shared journey.

Coaching - I happily teach, mentor and share my experience.

Playing a role - I also love just getting stuck in and doing the work.

A principles based approach

Customer focussed

Start with your customer. Understand their needs and how you can solve their problems.

Build empathy

Nurture your ability to connect with people, both your customers and colleagues.

Purpose-driven leadership

Focus on your organisation's purpose. Align your strategy, objectives and teams towards it.

Autonomous, cross-functional teams

Empower teams with all the right capabilities required to get on with doing their best work.

Measure outcomes, not outputs

Give teams a problem to tackle and measure progress against, not just a to-do list to complete.

A bias towards action

Take small iterative steps. Learn by doing. Course correct as you go.

Start simple, then evolve to complex

Whether it be building new products, teams or processes.

Seek & embrace feedback continuously

Both for your products and yourself. It fuels learning and growth.

A little bit about me

Hi - I’m Ben Melbourne, a customer-centric and commercially-minded senior product leader. I have a passion for building innovative products and growing successful companies.

I love working with companies that have a strong purpose and mission, along with a clear strategy for achieving these. Companies that have a relentless focus on customers, a culture of curiosity, collaboration and continuous improvement. Either that, or aspire to become like this.

The breadth & depth

Many years spent working as a consultant (ThoughtWorks) has given me a rich diversity of experience. I’ve seen many industries up close (Health, Financial Services, Telecommunications, QSR, Education and Manufacturing). It’s developed my sense-making capabilities, which I use to question norms and challenge assumptions.

My journey has taken me through many different organisation types and sizes (small, medium, enterprise, government, start-ups, scales-ups, B2B, B2C). I’ve seen the patterns (and anti-patterns) of how successful organisations grow and evolve.

My experience hasn’t just been consulting. I‘ve also been there for the long-haul, working in permanent roles (Genie Solutions, ThoughWorks). I’ve lead teams, owned products and run businesses. There are some challenges that take many strategic iterations to overcome. I’ve been on that journey.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to live and work in various places across the globe (Australia, England, Canada & Germany).

LinkedIn can tell you my full bio.

I can tell you the stories that go with it.